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Margo Selby is a woven textile design company that produces exceptional quality fabrics, rugs and accessories, which blend effortlessly with both contemporary and classic interiors.
All designs are developed on a 24-shaft dobby loom and then produced by specialist mills in a range of weights suitable for a wide variety of soft furnishings and upholstery.
The hand loom and the craft of weaving is central to all product development and this is clearly seen in the Margo Selby for Alternative flooring carpet collection.

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Here Margo shares her experience of visiting Alternative Flooring to watch her designs come to life as magic carpets.

Alternative Flooring are a unique British carpet manufacturer who have a similar design philosophy to us, in that they believe creating a carpet or textile is both a craft and an art.

I was invited to contribute designs the ‘Quriky B’ carpet range produced by Alternative Flooring. As part of this collaboration I was able to spend some time at the mill learning about the technology behind Axminster and Wilton looms that weave their carpets. Alternative Flooring pride themselves in getting behind British industry and it was great to meet the highly skilled craftsmen who are involved at every stage of the process.
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The Margo Selby for Alternative Flooring collection is inspired by a collection of deflected double weave hand-woven cloths that I have been developing on my hand loom in the studio. Making on a hand loom was an integral part of the design process for my first carpets, the designs were originally produced as soft silk and wool fabrics and have been blown up and re-coloured to make them suitable for flooring.
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On one  of the oldest industrial sites, beautiful cones of woollen yard are creeled to produce the final art piece. The yarn is woven on Axminster looms with care and craftsmanship right through to the jute backing.

The way the carpets are made is a time-honoured tradition. Although there are modern processes there’s a human touch at every stage. Skilled craftsman check the woollen yarn and inspect each stage of the production process through to the finish carpet stage.

Like many of our Margo Selby designs the patterns are inspired by the process of weaving and the uniformed geometric shapes reflect the structured nature of the craft.
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alternative flooring quirky b ledbury hereford

Fair Isle, Margo Selby for Alternative Flooring
Fair Isle takes inspiration from our silk jacquard collection.

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alternative flooring quirky b ledbury hereford

Shuttle, Margo Selby for Alternative Flooring
Shuttle is derived from our handwoven deflected double cloth weaves.


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