Vusta Vinyl Flooring: Why it is purrfect for pets

vusta pet friendly flooring ledbury

Vusta flooring is a great choice for homes with pets

Although you might not think it, vinyl flooring is suitable for pets. In fact, it’s a great choice of floor for the busy feet and accidents that might arise from keeping these furry friends in your home. Read all about the benefits below…

So what makes Vusta suitable?


No matter what type of floor you choose, it’s always a good idea to keep pet nails trimmed to avoid any harsh scratching. Yet, Vusta vinyl flooring provides extra protection against this risk with its durable scratch-resistant coating. The floor’s layer is comprised of a resilient PU material that will perform and last for many years – a must for those eager, playful paws.


It’s not ideal when our pets cause little accidents but we still love them all the same. The big problem arises when the mess can’t be cleaned up very easily. This is another area where Vusta vinyl is a great choice as its PU coating also works to prevent liquids from staining the floor. Pet accidents such as urine and vomit can be quickly cleaned away without a trace.


This benefit goes hand-in-hand with managing those accidental spills and is also ideal for wet paws or even a wet shaking doggy. Your vinyl flooring won’t be damaged by small amounts of water or even spills so long as they are cleaned up relatively quickly. Another benefit of Vusta’s water resistance is that the floor is super easy to clean with any liquid simply sitting on the surface rather than seeping into the material as it would with carpet and sometimes wood floor.


In fact, the clever PU coating on our vinyl floors has another part to play in the upkeep of your floor. This layer provides superb protection from bacteria harbouring in the fibres which means dirt that might be dragged in by pet paws won’t clog up in the flooring over time. Pet hairs can also be easily hoovered away without a trace.


Dogs and cats can make quite a racket when let loose on a laminate or hardwood floor yet the same isn’t the case with Vusta. Vinyl’s slightly softer feel ensures noise is minimal. That makes for a floor on which you can let your pet play to their hearts content without dreading the noise.


Vusta’s softness also makes it that little bit more luxurious for your pets. There’s a lot more ‘give’ in the flooring which provides for more comfortable sitting, lying and rolling around than a hardwood or tiled floor would. You can of also take advantage of this benefit…if rolling around the living room is your thing, that is.