HARDWOOD FLOORING at Ledbury Carpets & Interiors

Supplying a wide range of wood flooring to Ledbury, Hereford, Malvern and beyond

Wood flooring at Ledbury carpets and interiors for Hereford, Ledbury , Malvern and beyond

A Hardwood floor is simple, versatile and transforms any home offering infinite and unique variations in knotting, markings, grain and colour. At Ledbury Carpets and Interiors you can view a wide range of options.

Wood flooring is unlike any other due to the unique character of its own when laid. An oiled finish will give you a very traditional look compared to a lacquer finish, where as the latter is more moisture resistant and low maintenance, suitable for high traffic areas such as hallways.

Rugs can be used to spice up a wooden floor and are great for changing to look and layout, so you can refresh your décor without replacing your flooring.

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Solid Hardwood Floors

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The traditional flooring choice, each plank is a single piece of solid wood, expertly cut to varied lengths and widths, often bevelled and enhanced by a range of finishes.

Solid hardwood floors feel firm and substantial underfoot. They are hardwearing and resilient, can be re-sanded many times and can last well over 100 years. A key characteristic is what we at Ledbury Carpets and Interiors refer to as ‘shape’, by which we mean how the wood lays. Solid wood does not sit flat on the floor; it has living form and subtle contours which respond to the environment and create a gentle but noticeable sensation underfoot.
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Engineered Oak and Hardwood floors

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Engineered wood flooring is precision-made of layered sections of solid wood bonded together.

With engineered wood, the grain of each piece runs in a different direction to the adjacent layer, enhancing strength and resilience and reducing the wood’s natural tendency to expand and contract. This means they are less susceptible to movement from moisture or heat and thus are recommended for use with underfloor heating. Engineered wood, unlike solid planks, do not need to be nailed or glued to the sub-floor.

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