iLiv predict the interiors trends for Autumn/Winter 2015

ledbury iliv interiors winter trends 2015

It might feel strange to be thinking about autumn when we’ve still (hopefully) got lots more of summer to come, but the top talents of the interiors world will be releasing their A/W 2015 collections over the coming weeks. Here’s iLiv‘s style forecast for the upcoming season.

Prediction 1: Interiors will be dramatic

There’s a misconception that bright colours are reserved only for summer, but this Autumn/Winter season we’re expecting to see exuberant collections which know how to make a statement. Designers are favouriting dramatic over dull, with extravagant tropical designs and glossy foliage prints in all manner of shapes and sizes. Colour palettes will break with tradition and deep, warmer shades will be replaced with colours that are vivid and fun. Hot fuchsia pinks, citrus and warm spicy paprika colours will certainly make an appearance, though more paired-down greens and blues will also feature. Ebony black, too, will be used for high-drama looks.

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Prediction 2: Vintage styles will have a French twist

Designers are always taking inspiration from the past, whether it’s the Art Deco movement or the swinging sixties. This season is no exception; faded vintage stylings are top of the agenda and will take on a French vibe which wouldn’t look out of place in a mountain chateau. Think distressed furniture, wrought iron shelving and vintage baskets as far as the eye can see. Fabrics and wallpapers will often be hand-drawn, embroidered or textured, which will soften the designs and give the prints a muted and antique feel. Delicate pinstripes, script and spot prints will be heavily used, and we expect colour palettes around this trend to be classic and neutral, mixed with pale greens and blues, lemon as well as deeper purple and red shades.

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Prediction 3: Nature will still be king

Interiors inspired by the countryside have been popular for a while, and will continue to reign supreme over the upcoming season. However, feminine blooms will be replaced with a more rustic style of flora and fauna, inspired by the wild countryside, fells and moors. We predict we’ll see earthy prints of wild flowers and country animals, and we expect to see heavy use of tweed and velvet fabrics. Naturally, colours will be influenced by the outdoors and will feature rich autumnal russets and coppers accented with lighter ‘spring’ tones, such as lilac, pink, teal and blue.

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Prediction 4: Contemporary décor will have its place

Some people shy away from more contemporary décor out of worry that it will quickly date, but the beauty of modernist interiors is that their simplicity means they can be easily adapted – a definite plus point. Autumn/Winter will give us abstract designs and upbeat geometric prints, weaves and voiles. Colour palettes around this theme will be fashion-driven, such as monochromatic blacks, amethyst, citrus and indigo blue. Offset these blocks of colour with abstract prints and a statement accessory, such as a mirror or vase.

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