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About Vüsta Flooring

Vusta Design Flooring replicates the beauty and texture of natural materials, using the same styles and designs such as planks and tiles with and without bevels, with light or heavily embossed surfaces and even with synchronised embossing, where the individual pores of the wood or stone are synchronised with the print of the grain to give an authentic look which is hard to di…erentiate from the real thing.
Vusta Flooring o…ffers the ultimate mix of versatile design and a…ffordable quality. All the beauty of nature with consistency of design.


Vusta Design Flooring is extremely warm and soft to the touch giving your room a luxurious and welcoming appearance that not only feels great to walk on, but looks fantastic too.


There are many varied applications for Vusta Design Flooring, which means that it’s the perfect choice for both personal and commercial use in virtually any type of room.


Made using the latest techniques and technology, Vusta Flooring is extremely hardwearing and durable, meaning you get exceptional value for money and long lasting good looks.


Unlike carpets, Vusta Design Flooring is extremely hygienic because there are no fibres to collect dirt. Keeping it clean and free from germs is very easy and straightforward.


Unlike real wood flooring, Vusta Design Flooring requires minimal ongoing maintenance saving you both time and money on aftercare products and services.


Vusta Design Flooring allows you the best of both worlds. Giving you the look and quality finish of a real wood or stone floor, but at a considerably lower price

To see and find out more about our range of Vüsta flooring why not visit the store or call us on 01531 634304[/one_half]
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Vusta Vitesse Range

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