Brink and Campman

Brink and Campman

Ledbury Carpets and Interiors proudly supply Brink and Campman Rugs


The Brink & Campman design studio constantly develops new, fashionable collections and creates novel and enticing structures to fit the latest trends in home & living. From design to development and from development to creation Brink & Campman leads the way with own yarns which are dyed and woven in the most beautiful colour/structure combinations. Made in Holland!


Apart from embellishing your interior and adding real comfort to your home, a rug should also have the appeal of quality and durability. The use of beautiful, natural, materials and an artisan production process eventually lead to an appealing product of high quality. This final product – the rug – is being put through a number of tests conducted by human hands and eyes. Should anything be the matter it is immediately remedied by the touch of the Master’s hand. That is the level of attention and craftsmanship you may expect from Brink & Campman.


Always staying on the right side of the thin line between mass production and pure craftsmanship. This is what defines Brink & Campman – an artisan producer of beautiful rugs. The vital point is the material used, the different yarns Brink & Campman specially develops for its rugs. Without a proper foundation you cannot build a solid house. This is also true for the production of rugs. The foundation – the yarns developed in-house – are processed to a unique and artisan product; rugs full of character in rich colours and enticing structures.